In memory of someone.............


Here you find the one and only worldwide digital graveyard. You can digitize a tombstone for your relatives as deceased. You can buy a digitized tombstone from us, and then you put your designed pdf-file on it, with name, birthday and day of death, photo, symbols or a messege.

You or anybody can use the app on a phone to choose a digitized flower or a candle from our digital flowershop to put on the tombstone to the one you choose to honor. You can also buy a symbol from a NGO such as Red Cross or others.


A tombstone frame from us cost 10 USD. A digital flower or candle cost 1 USD. A symbol from a NGO cost 1 USD and will be transfered direcly to the NGO that you choose. Many NGO:s worldwide joined us and more will be.


If you want to show who you are as the administrator of the tombstone, you can write your information at the backside of the tombstone. Then your relatives and others can se who is taking care of the digitized tombstone.


When someone put a digitized flower, candle or a NGO symbol, he can put his contact information on the backside of the symbol. When you points to the flower, candle or NGO symbol, it will turn and on the backsida every visitor can find who was there to honor your relative.


In that way you perhaps find new cousins, friends or only someone that want to give respect and honor to the deceased.


The digital graveyard that will grow for ever this way will not put any climate footprint because you do not always have to travel to show your respect to those you want to honor by showing that you remember them.


This is the new way to help people around the world to make it easier to remember and to honor. We will remind you the days you registrate in our calender, the days of death, birthdays and other dates. We will then send a reminder to your phone that day.


If you had a pet that you want to honor we also offer a place at our digital graveyard for pets.


At our memorial yard for idols you can honor your idols as a fan by giving a flower or a poem.


Read more about that here www.in.memory.com


Do you want to know more about how to start? Then go to www.in.memory.com


Wellcome to The Digital Graveyard at www.in.memory.com